Find your lost Device

The iPhone, iPad and Android devices have a feature that will enable you to find the location of your lost or stolen device and then:

  • Initiate a sound on your device even if the sound is off
  • Initiate a message on your device with a phone number
  • Wipe all the information off your device

This is very useful but you have to set it up in advance!

On the iPad and iPhone the feature is part of iCloud and is called Find My iPad or Find my iPhone. On an Android device it is Android Device Manager.

How to Set Up Your Device – iPad or iPhone

  1. Tap on the Settings app from the Home screen.
  2. Tap iCloud
  3. Tap Find My iPad/iPhone button to turn it on (green)

How to Set Up Your Device – Android

  1. On your Android device go to the Google Market and download Google Device Policy App.  Open the app and go through the steps to activate it.
  2. Tap Apps
  3. Tap Google Settings
  4. Tap Android Device Manager
  5. Tap both boxes shown. for “Remotely locate this device” and “Allow remote lock and erase”

Locate your Device – iPad or iPhone

  1. On a computer go to
  2. Enter your AppleID and password
  3. Click on Find my iPad/iPhone
  4. Enter your AppleID password
  5. A map will appear in a few seconds showing a green dot with the location of your device.
  6. Click on the green dot and the “i” to see options for interacting with your device.

Locate your Device – Android

  1. On a computer go to‎
  2. Login with your gmail information that is connected to your device
  3. A map will appear showing the location of the device and options to interact with the device.

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